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Not all streaming options are free. TelevisionFanatic™ helps you find the ones that are. Watch full episodes free!

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Explore streaming TV shows by category, like comedy, drama, fantasy, science fiction, cooking and more.

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TelevisionFanatic™ lets you browse for television shows and add them to your “Favorites List.” Put together your TV show-viewing marathon ahead of time by combining multiple shows from different streaming services into one comprehensive list. Want to switch from Netflix® to Hulu™ to Amazon® Prime and back again without wasting any time? TelevisionFanatic™ has you covered.
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With TelevisionFanatic™, you’ll never miss a touchdown, free throw or home run. Watch live tv football online free. See basketball, baseball and even NASCAR® live TV. TelevisionFanatic™ makes it easy to find and stream live sports TV from your computer with easy access to five premium online sports streaming sites.
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If you missed an episode and you’re not allergic to TV spoilers, simply click on the “Show Recaps” tab. TelevisionFanatic™ brings you the inside scoop on the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, complete with crew interviews and insights on what could be in store for your beloved characters next time!
FREE Television News:

TelevisionFanatic™ doesn’t just let you watch TV episodes FREE or watch TV online; it’s also your go-to source for television news. See who’s being cast for which parts, which writers and producers have been brought on board for that cool sounding new project, and much more. If you want to be an expert on the goings-on in TV land, TelevisionFanatic™ is the tool you need.
TV Listings:

Even if you still mostly watch TV on a good old traditional television, you can still use TelevisionFanatic™ to get the latest TV listings. With consistent updates for multiple channels, you can see when your favorite TV shows are playing, and whether or not they’ve been moved to a different timeslot. Use TelevisionFanatic™ to explore the world of TV, online and off.
Watch Streaming Movies:

Want to jump from free television to premium or free movie downloads? TelevisionFanatic™ gives you links to the best streaming services for film. Access your premium streaming subscription in just one click when you hit the “Watch Movies” tab. Stream independent films, and see cutting edge documentaries for FREE!
Facebook® Updates:

If you love to watch TV free, you probably love to talk about your favorite shows and episodes. That’s why TelevisionFanatic™ provides a link to Facebook®, so you can start your TV conversation as soon as you’re done watching. Get status and message updates at the top of your browser, visible the moment you log on!
The World Of Streaming TV
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Are you a TV show fanatic? If you are, you probably spend a lot of time streaming free television and probably have paid subscriptions to streaming services. But unless you are ready to get an expensive streaming box for your TV, it’s hard to find a tool that brings the whole world of TV entertainment together in one place.
That’s where TelevisionFanatic™ comes in. TelevisionFanatic™ takes all of the TV show and sports streaming options available online, and brings them together in one place. Whether you want to watch TV free or get easier access to your streaming subscriptions, TelevisionFanatic™ is your one-stop, one-click guide to the world of Internet television.
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