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Not all streaming options are free. TelevisionFanatic™ helps you find the ones that are.

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TelevisionFanatic™ lets you browse for television shows and add them to your “Favorites List.” Put together your TV show-viewing marathon ahead of time by combining multiple shows from different streaming services into one comprehensive list.
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TelevisionFanatic™ doesn’t just let you watch TV episodes FREE or watch TV online; it’s also your go-to source for television news. Get the latest information on popular shows, castings, recaps and cool new projects all in one convenient tool.
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Even if you still mostly watch TV on a good old traditional television, you can still use TelevisionFanatic™ to get the latest TV listings. With consistent updates for multiple channels, you can see when your favorite TV shows are playing, and whether or not they’ve been moved to a different timeslot. Use TelevisionFanatic™ to explore the world of TV, online and off.
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Want to jump from free television to premium or free movie downloads? TelevisionFanatic™ gives you links to the best streaming services for film. Access your premium streaming subscription in just one click when you hit the “Watch Movies” tab. Stream independent films, and see cutting edge documentaries for FREE!
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